Connect with your biggest fans

Identify and authentically grow your fanbase by providing your biggest fans with authentic virtual and physical experiences

See what you can do with Standom
360 degree view into your fanbase.

Understand the totality of your fanbase across multiple platforms and countries.

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Create magic for your fans by participating in their lives.

Our Stan calendar and Moments of Magic feature allow you to stay up to date with fan birthdays, graduations,etc

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Run Experiments and Perfect What Works

Segment your fanbase by city, age range, and history to pilot new releases and test what your fans want

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Unlock Your Standom

Deployed as a webapp for ease of use and Accessibility across devices for users

360 degree view

Standom allows users to claim their fan identity so we can provide artists with the most comprehensive single source of truth about their fanbase

Create magic for your fans by showing up

With Standom fans can proactively share birthdays and other upcoming memorable moments in their lives, allowing you to support them just as much as they support you.

Segment Your Audience for Unique Experiences

With the ability to filter your audience by city, age range, and fan acumen the opportunities for unique fan experiences are endless

No more complicated workflows.

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